Ronni Tuscadero

First Impressions

There’s a tiny embedded video playing near the top of Ronni Tuscadero’s tour page. She and a blonde are naked and the camera is pushing in on their faces as they kiss passionately. It’s the kind of content that makes teen sites so wonderful. Browsing the rest of the tour shows that Ronni is a good looking blonde babe that loves to take her clothes off. She has nice perky tits and a terrific bubble butt. There are highlights from the most popular updates on the site and they all appear to be high quality lesbian sex scenes. That’s hot stuff.

Hot Promises

Ronni was recruited into the Lightspeed network a month after she turned 18. She’s been working with them ever since and her site is filled with the products of that work. Ronni promises you thousands of uncensored pictures of her solo and playing with her girlfriends. All the content is exclusive. There are also hours of video featuring solo play and lesbian licking. You can preview two of the videos on the tour if you’d like, although they’re awfully tiny. Read on to find out what the member’s area holds.


One of the videos at Ronni Tuscadero’s site features Ronni and her blonde friend Dirty Aly playing with a condom that’s supposed to be filled with sperm. It’s obviously some sort of fake concoction make from corn starch and water or other ingredients but it’s still fun to watch the girls pour it all over themselves. They take turns dumping the fake jizz on each other’s faces and then they lightly kiss and stare up into the camera with bright smiles on their faces. They even lick it off each other. If it were real cum it would be insanely hot. As it is it’s just kinda hot.

What’s hotter is a video starring Ronni and Taylor Little. The girls are naked on Ronni’s bed and kissing when we join them. It’s clear from that start that this is going to be a full on lesbian scene. After they get naked Taylor pushes Ronni onto her back and buries her face in her snatch. Her tongue starts working Ronni’s tasty love bud and before long she’s got the cute brunette writhing and moaning. After Ronni returns the favor the girls both bust out a dildo a start vibrating each other. That’s what teen lesbian content is supposed to be.

Those are two of the highlights from RonniTuscadero, but there are others. The content is divided into pictures and videos and I was a little disappointed to see how little there is. Plus, they don’t update despite the claim on the tour and the list of the latest updates on the member’s main page. What they do is recycle the content. They pull an old update and push it to the top of the list, claiming it as new. It’s a tricky way of making potential members thing there’s more to the site than there actually is. I’m not a fan.

There are forty picture galleries, just as there have been for years now. There’s a mix of solo and girl-girl content among the galleries with the slight edge going to the images of Ronni on her own. For the most part she poses in tank tops, t-shirts and tube tops before stripping everything off and letting us gaze at her lovely naked tits. There are a few galleries where she breaks that mold. She shows up in a sexy bikini in two photo sets and in four she’s wearing a cute cheer outfit. I’ve always been fond of sexy teen cheerleaders and Ronni only reinforces that love in her photo galleries.

The lesbian sets typically feature Ronni and another member of the Lightspeed network stripping and occasionally groping each other. Dirty Aly and Jordan Capri are the two most common babes to appear and both are gorgeous. I prefer Aly because I’ve got a thing for blonde babes and she has an amazingly perky pair of tits. Ronni and Jordan get a little naughtier though, going so far as to eat each other out in one of the galleries where they’re dressed as schoolgirl sluts.

There are 18 videos to download in addition to the picture galleries and they’re a mixed bag. Some are stunning like the lesbian clip I talked about and others are merely filmed versions of photo shoots, which is incredibly boring. There’s a video version of the set where Ronni and Jordan Capri dress as schoolgirls and hook up. Unfortunately, it’s just a video of them doing the photo shoot and it’s basically them getting into poses and then holding them while the camera flashes. To me there’s nothing more boring. Then there’s a video called “Pussy Loving” in which Raimi gets eaten out again. Like I said, it’s a mixed bag.

Each video has a screenshot gallery that you can look through to determine if the content is something that will turn you on. When you find a good clip you’ll have the option of downloading it in one of five formats: Windows Media, MPEG, QuickTime, iPod and Mobile 3g2. The highest resolution they provide is 480x360, which is a little disappointing. It still looks good when run at 200% so it’s not a huge concern. Although I’ve mentioned other videos I think if you’re going to join the first clip you should download is the one in which Taylor, Ronni and Jordan give each other lapdances.

It costs $34.95 for a month’s access to Ronni Tuscadero. It’s a little steep, but they include access to nine other Lightspeed sites as a part of that fee. The cool thing is you can choose which nine sites you want to romp around in. If you pay an extra $5 per month you get access to all 31 sites, which is a great value despite the seemingly inflated price. Ronni doesn’t provide enough content to warrant the cost of membership alone so you’ll have to look into the available bonus sites to see if any of the other girls interest you.

Croco’s Opinion

Ronni Tuscadero is a cute young model with the good fortune to have been a part of the Lightspeed network. That gives her access to all the other Lighspeed models, which means lots of hot lesbian scenes. In fact, the lesbian content is far and away the strongest element of the site, including two hot videos with Taylor Little where the girls go down on each other. Ronni hasn’t produced much content and since her updates don’t provide any new content you’ll always be stuck with 40 picture galleries and 18 videos. That’s not enough for the pricey membership cost but if you consider the bonus content it’s a good value.


The member’s area is so simple that it’s easy to browse by default.

Pricing Policy

It’s $34.95 per month for 10 sites and $39.95 per month for access to the entire Lightspeed network.

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